Partnership Announcement

By March 7, 2019Food for thought


Some exciting news from us at Banko Media. We have a new leadership team. Melissa Pagetto and Tara Bryk have joined Dan as partners in the business.

“I’ve been doing this for 23 years and I’m smart enough to know that no person is an island,” says Dan. “I don’t have all the answers to what our clients need. I’ve always been interested in working collaboratively. That’s why we’ve grown this company in the way that we have. Tara and Melissa are smart, incredibly driven and they’ve been phenomenal contributors to our team. Making them partners demonstrates how important they are to me and the future of the company.”

Melissa started in 2015 as an account manager and then became director of digital marketing, and Tara joined as managing director in 2018. Their recent move to partners builds on their experience and roles at the company.

Tara and Melissa will both continue in their current roles, in addition to taking on the partner title.

As managing director, Tara is responsible for client and project management and oversees most of our staff. Melissa oversees all things digital including social media management, website development and digital marketing.

Dan shares, “looking back over the history of our firm, we’ve always been responsive to what’s happening in the advertising industry and to our clients’ needs. From our roots in photography, we have expanded to publishing, video production, graphic design, web development and digital marketing. Now, we are a full-service advertising agency with a diverse array of services and clients.”

Melissa and Tara feel they fit very well into the culture and operations at Banko Media.

“I think we have a lot of shared values in supporting the local community and knowing that what we’re doing supports our clients or arts and culture or the non-profit sector,” says Tara. “Putting value out there and creating work that has an impact beyond sales is important to me.”

Across the team, everyone works to help our clients be successful through creative solutions, great design, visual photography, video production and integrated strategies. We each see how the work we do can not only make a difference for our clients but also for the community.

The relationship between Dan, Melissa and Tara parallels what happens in the rest of the team. “Between us we have a great understanding of strategy, design and production. Coming at a project with a creative lens and knowing how to expand it from traditional media over to everything that’s happening in digital, and constantly having an eye out for what’s new, what’s next, what’s changing. I think that helps us bring a well-rounded approach to all of our clients,” says Tara.

“We’re going to continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients,” says Melissa. “We are always interested and in tune with the industry and what people need so that we can best serve our clients.”

The partnership also allows each person to focus on their strengths. For Dan, that means an opportunity to return to more creative content along with business development.

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