The Key Aspects We Covered

The discovery process was insightful and gave us the background necessary to establish the situation and prioritize needs in the CSAHS communications evolution. CSAHS was one of the founding colleges of the University of Guelph. Over the last century CSAHS has changed its name numerous times and has broadened its area of study and degree offerings from family nutrition to geography, psychology, criminal justice, political science, and more. Because of this diversity the programs of study are offered across the entire length of the University of Guelph’s large campus in buildings that cover every style of architecture from every phase of the University’s growth. Our biggest challenge came when we discovered the broad spectrum of stakeholders that required buy in to the process and recommendations. It included academic faculty, staff, administration, students and alumni.

We focused our initial content creation on providing context of what CSAHS was and where it came from, providing a historical bridge for all the disparate programs and diverse degree offerings that would give a sense of common purpose to students, staff and faculty. We examined the life of the College’s founder, Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, and her goals in creating what would become the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

We identified early on that we could begin to establish a foundation for the CSAHS brand through social outreach. There was little to no coordinated activity on any of the College’s social media channels yet the faculty, students and alumni were performing ground breaking research and were hosting world class events. We took the opportunity to help plan the social media campaign for the College’s 39th annual Sexuality Conference to promote the event, the College and University and to set the groundwork for reminding our audience what CSAHS was and that they were all a part of it.