It’s no secret that we’ve got some of the best local talent around. Get to know Banko Media and you’ll see that we’re great to work with. Amazing work is just a given.

At Banko Media our philosophy toward business is simple. Trees don’t grow overnight. It takes years to develop roots, branches, leaves and a strong bark. When given the right resources and the right amount of time, a sapling can grow into a tree, and that tree can grow a forest. We are looking for clients that want to work collaboratively, clients that want to let us help them grow in the right direction.

We’ll make magic together. Call Banko Media. You’ll be glad you did.

Dan Banko

CEO, Creative Director

Tara Bryk

Partner, Managing Director

Sandra Mulder

Studio Manager & Photographer

Felix Vlasak

Art Director & Photographer

Russell Druiven


Adam Hitchcock

Digital Media Coordinator

Lindsay Kelly

Project Manager

Nick Tomkin

Senior Developer

Dan thinks green and out of box. He and his team make ideas take shape and fly. Dan is top notch value and fun to work with.

Marion Emo, Hamilton Burlington SPCA

Dan brings so much more than photography to the table. He excels at communication, illustration, design and overall creative strategy and ability.

John Lepp, Agents of Good

Thank you again for working so quickly with us. It is such a relief to know that we have you as a partner and that you understand the Park Hyatt brand so well.

Allison Binnion, Park Hyatt Toronto