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A little bit about Adam Hitchcock

Born and raised in the city, and a graduate of Mohawk College, Adam is a Hamiltonian to the core.

His day-to-day consists of managing and monitoring our client’s social media accounts and digital advertising campaigns, and eventuuuually getting the Banko Media podcast off the ground…but more on that later.

Outside the office, you can find him at the rink either playing or sitting center ice during Hamilton Bulldogs’ home games. In the warmer months, you can find him on the lake in Northern, Ontario attempting to catch a fish.

True to his Celtic roots, he was also the highest-scoring axe thrower and the best golfer on the Banko Media team (if you need a 4th this golf season, reach out). So, if you can’t find him sitting at his desk drinking his coffee and working diligently on all things digital, you’ll find he’s outstanding in his field…with the sheep. Baaaa.

Why I love what I do

Stay tuned to hear what Adam loves about his new role.