Art Direction




A little bit about Dan

He’s the guy with his name on the door so he clearly thinks he’s in charge. Dan went to McMaster University to become a sculptor but he came out a photographer instead. Since then he has been a teacher, an artillery detachment commander, and a coach. He has experience working on public and private sector projects at every level, most recently partnering with Halton Healthcare Services, ArcelorMittal Dofasco and McMaster University. Dan is the creative director at BANKOMEDIA and he loves what he does.

When he isn’t working, Dan is playing with his kids, annoying his wife, officiating swim meets, reading comic books, drawing or making a home cooked meal while enjoying a glass of wine.

Why I love what I do

This is the best job ever. There is so much variety in the projects that we work on, the people that we work with and the mediums we work in that every day is very different from the next. Our team is made up of people that stick together, work hard and, as far they tell me, look forward to coming in to work everyday…except on snow days…then we all stay home.

My dad still wonders what I do for a living. I tell him we tell stories and we love what we do.