Art Direction

Staying Out Late

A little bit about Felix Vlasak

Felix Vlasak joined the Banko Media team after several years of working under his own shingle as a freelance designer, videographer and photographer. Prior to that Felix built his career in a variety of roles at a large publishing company in Frankfurt, Germany where he found his niche as a photographer and art director. He thrives in busy environments and loves the variety of his assignments from week to week at Banko Media.
Felix Vlasak is responsible for the overall visual aspects of a project. He has a broad skill set and he is a versatile storyteller. An entrepreneurial problem solver at heart, in a short time Felix has become a key contributor to both the design and photography departments.
Felix moved to Canada 6 years ago to be with the love of his life and start a family. They live, work and play in Hamilton. Like Banko Media, Felix enjoys supporting non-profit organizations in the city through design, photo and video work for An Instrument for Every Child, United Way, and Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.
Felix has a Bachelor of Arts from Goethe University in Frankfurt from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Frankfurt.

Why I love what I do

The changing pace of work and the dynamic team experience at Banko Media are what keep me coming to work every day. We tell stories for a variety of clients in a variety of sectors and it keeps our brains firing on all cylinders. And with an art gallery located within our office space I have a constant and evolving source of inspiration for my work.

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