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A little bit about Russ Druiven

Russell has been with Banko Media for over five years now, but it feels like a lifetime. He’s even got his photo on the wall in the office next to the boss’. Russ takes amazing event and documentary photos because he is enthusiastic about meeting new people and telling their story. To him, shooting a trade show in Toronto in June is as exciting as documenting a live fire exercise of the Royal Canadian Artillery on a cold, snowy November day.

On the side, Russell owns The Hamilton Jockey Club, a business dedicated to the finer things in life. He sews bowties, pocket squares and is a chronic over dresser.

Why I love what I do

I love photography! I want to tell a story in direct, honest way; that is my style. I have a simple approach to taking photos that is not fussy and I especially enjoy taking photos of people, because, truly, people are the most fascinating subjects in the world. 

I have taken photos of people across the economic spectrum, from folks on assisted living to the co-founder of Costco, each one has helped shape my view on life and has made me more of a humanist.

Working at Banko Media stimulates my creative abilities, gives me a place to tinker with new equipment, drives me to reach personal and professional goals and enables me to pursue my passions, I couldn’t imagine a better place to work.  

e: russ@bankomedia.com    p: 905-523-1623 ext. 2206

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