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A little bit about Sandra Mulder

You wouldn’t know it to look at her but Sandra Mulder is the longest serving Banko Media employee with almost 15 years at the reigns of the production desk. Sandra is a graduate of Sheridan College’s photography program and works as Banko Media’s post production ninja and studio manager. She likes to keep everyone in line and on task. Oh, and we let her take photos sometimes too, because she’s pretty darn good at it. Sandra is an accomplished product, portrait and food photographer.

Sandra has filled many roles at Banko Media, including magician when it comes to her portrait retouching. The post production manager, photographer and mother of two busy kids has also filled the gap on numerous occasions as a fashion model, lifestyle model, hand model and a Boston Cream donut.

When she is not working in the studio, she can be found at home editing photos of her kids, at a clothing store shopping for a great bargain, or at her kids’ school sharing her talents on the PR committee.

Why I love what I do. 

Working at BankoMedia for over a decade, I’ve had an opportunity to be involved in so many different projects and work with a host of great people. Each day can be so different from the day before it’s hard not to be excited about what might be coming up next. 

One of my favourite experiences is helping someone relax and open up in front of the camera to capture just the right expression that makes them feel good about themselves. And a close second to that is showing them that with a few digital tweaks they can actually be really happy with their portrait.

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