Hootsuite Jockey



A little bit about Tami Bentley

Tami started working with Banko Media when she was just a teenager, back in the days when Dan shot model portfolios and Tami was a big shot model. Years later, when Banko Media operated the Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery of John Street North, Tami worked as the studio’s gallery manager and social media outreach co-ordinator. Today, as the studio’s Social Media Manager, Tami spins social media stories and digital marketing for a variety of automotive clients and not-for-profits. She has a casual and fun approach to online outreach that keeps interactions authentic and conversational. In fact, no one rocks a Throw-Back-Thursday like Tami Bentley.

Tami loves art, cats, and her dashing, bearded husband. When she’s not on social media for work, well, she’s on social media to be social.

Why I love what I do

Since coming to Banko Media I’ve had a chance to work with so many amazing people. I love our work environment and working as a team to find solutions for the many challenges our clients face. Especially when the solutions are social. I love to be social, online that is.

905.523.1623 ext. 2201